Selected Press

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WBEZ 91.5 FM, “Malunggay, Jackfruit, Cheese Ice Cream: The Chicago Guide To Filipino Groceries”

17 November 2018 by Monica Eng

Cruising the aisles of a Filipino grocery store offers a history lesson in the colonizers, traders, and neighbors who passed through different parts of the Philippines over the centuries.

BONUS: Check out the Seafood Sinigang recipe on the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Balikbayan Podcast Episode 2, “It’s Beautiful To Be Us”

24 July 2018 by Alan Montecillo

We talk about growing up between the Chicago suburbs and the Philippines, what it was like to start Filipino Kitchen, whether Filipino food really is unhealthy, and how a blog comment on her lugaw changed her life.

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PRI’s The World, “No Shame In Sisig: Filipino Chefs & Scholars Say They Are Overcoming A Century Of Stereotypes”

13 April 2018 by Rosalind Tordesillas

At a recent workshop for college students of Filipino background, Pablo asked attendees if they’d ever been called or heard the term "dogeaters" as a pejorative for Filipinos.

“A third of them raised their hands,” Pablo says. “It’s a century ago but that idea still persists.”

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Heritage Radio’s Meant to be eaten podcast, “Love Yourself Shamelessly”

27 February 2018 by coral Lee

Pushing past questions of appropriation and authenticity, provenance and legitimacy, we discuss how Filipino food serves, nurtures, and heals its eaters.

Newsy, “Filipinos Want You To Know Their Food Is More Than A Trend”

19 October 2017 by Cat Sandoval

"Some people say it doesn't make sense," Pablo said. "…actually when you talk to any of these chefs who have grown up in these households and have studied our history that it's reflective of our journey as Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. It's amazing that other people are paying attention. But it's food that we're enjoying for a long time ourselves, and it's great to introduce our culture and our history through our food."


Chicago tribune, “Kultura Festival returns with a focus on Midwestern Filipino talent”

7 september 2017 by joseph hernandez

“With the expansion of interest in food and food media,” says Pablo, “this is the time to tell our own stories. Each of the businesses we’ve invited have their own narratives, and we want to center on the people making the food, not just dishes.”

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Chicago Reader’s 2016 People Issue, “Sarahlynn Pablo: The Kultura Maven”

7 December 2016 by Robin Amer

I wanted to be a travel writer. When I wasn’t traveling, I was writing about the food that I was cooking at home, which was often Filipino food. It was literally . . . me on the phone with my mom, asking, “How much soy sauce goes in this? ‘Oh, just a little bit.’ Well, how much is a little bit?”

Then I saw how people reacted to these recipes.

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Chicago magazine, “Has Filipino Food Finally ‘Made It’ in Chicago?”

30 September 2016 by Janet fuller Rausa

“There’s a lot to be said for Facebook,” says Pablo. “The internet has allowed us to connect to each other across the diaspora and see all the cool things Filipinos are doing all across the country. It feels so much closer than it ever has.”

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Racist Sandwich Episode 7, “History On A Plate: The State Of Filipino Cuisine”

27 July 2016 by Alan Montecillo, Soleil Ho, Zahir Janmohamed

Oh, that’s not adobo; Oh, I can make that better, that kare kare. We hear things like that a lot, but it’s part of being a community in diaspora. Even just within the United States, there’s so many different histories of Filipino Americans that you have, so many different kinds of iterations of these things as well as, of course, down to the regional. And for each family, they’ve got all different recipes. So, just to kind of say, Hey, let’s not say yours is inauthentic, and mine is the real thing. Let’s just kind of dial that back and say this is kind of the breadth of the Filipino-American experience and Filipinos in diaspora.

BONUS: Alan produced a call-in episode called “Your Stories About Filipino Food” - so beautiful.

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wgn Radio’s The Download, “What is the Kultura Festival?”

30 september 2015 by justin kaufmann

Justin [Kaufmann] is joined in-studio by Top Chef alum Chrissy Camba, Filipino Kitchen’s Sarahlynn Pablo and Gilbert Paule of Hapa Chicago to talk about this weekend’s Kultura Festival, a modern Filipino American food and arts festival presenting over a dozen Filipino American chefs, visual arts and musicians.