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Get Outdoorsing, Chicago!

Here are my recommendations for fun and affordable Chicago-area outdoor activities for the novice, the budgeteer, the outdoor-curious, the car-less, and the wanna-be camper.

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No one will tell you to take the bus in Paris (but why you should)

Taking the bus forces stumbling around a city, this breathing organism that one is simultaneously outside of as a visitor and yet temporarily a part of. You find things you weren't looking for.

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Lou Mitchell's Restaurant, Chicago

Lou's buys double eggs, which are TWO YOLKS to a shell. What freak science went into creating these kinds of eggs on a predictable, farm-manufactured basis, I don't know, but it saves me a few bucks as I only want two normal eggs (read: two yolks, not four) so I ordered one over-easy.

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