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Foodie Frauded: Nationally Touring Crab and Craft Beer Festival Scammed Us Out of $400

Chicago has a thriving foodie scene and numerous festivals have popped up to meet the feverish demand for fun culinary events: annual stand-bys like the Green City Market Chef's BBQ and Baconfest (a multi-city franchise here, in DC and San Francisco) and many more. Tickets can range from a $5 entrance fee to much more expensive, all-inclusive packages. With new festivals popping up all the time, how can an culinary enthusiast tell the scams from the (many) legit festivals? Here's one Chicago couple's story.

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Go See: Amsterdam by Bicycle, Canals, Windmills and Beer

One of the first things you’ll notice is thousands of bicycles propped and locked up along the canals’ guard rails. Practically everyone in Amsterdam gets around by bike. So in the words of popular kids in high schools everywhere: everyone is doing it, and YES, you should, too.

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