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Firefly Watching on Palawan's Iwahig River, Philippines

Everything about this place -- the calm and quiet, the water, the moonlight, the fireflies -- tipped my mind over, poured out my cares and spilled away the needless worries, and emptied me so completely that good things could find their way inside my heart again.

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I have no idea what's in season.

But this is Chicago in the middle of winter. There's fucking nothing in season. Without modern highways, air freight, railroads, canning and other industrialized food processing techniques, refridgeration and chemical preservatives, no one could live here between September and May. I paid a little visit today to the Fulton Market, Chicago's meatpacking district of old - from Upton Sinclair days - till now.

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Still haven't requested that absentee ballot? You can still vote.

Two weeks and one day to the US Election Day, November 6. Monday night in the U.S. of A. is the third and final Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and opponent former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney... But have you requested your absentee ballot?

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