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When You're Tired of Speaking French, Go to Jim's

At first, it sounded like a con. Call someone I didn't know from Adam, tell him "party of one, I'm traveling alone" and "yes, I'll bring the 30 euro in cash to your house"...?!?! But, I put stranger-danger cynicism aside and phoned Mr. Haynes up.

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What You Need to Know About Vélib, Paris' public bike share

Vélib, Paris’s public bike sharing program, for residents and tourists, would have everyone believe a few things. With a striped shirt and baguette in tow, I will bike on Velib all around Paris for a mere 1€70. I'll pedal past the Louvre and along the Seine on my Vélib, with unicorns and rainbows and puppies... RIGHT?

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Museum of Letters & Manuscripts, Paris: Keepers of the Letters, Frail Histories of our Lives

Any writer, reader of good literature, history geek, folk fond of tactile correspondence, stationery freak or handwriting analyst should go immediately upon arrival in Paris to the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts (Museé des Lettres et Manuscripts en français).

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