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Get Outdoorsing, Chicago!

Here are my recommendations for fun and affordable Chicago-area outdoor activities for the novice, the budgeteer, the outdoor-curious, the car-less, and the wanna-be camper.

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I have no idea what's in season.

But this is Chicago in the middle of winter. There's fucking nothing in season. Without modern highways, air freight, railroads, canning and other industrialized food processing techniques, refridgeration and chemical preservatives, no one could live here between September and May. I paid a little visit today to the Fulton Market, Chicago's meatpacking district of old - from Upton Sinclair days - till now.

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Lou Mitchell's Restaurant, Chicago

Lou's buys double eggs, which are TWO YOLKS to a shell. What freak science went into creating these kinds of eggs on a predictable, farm-manufactured basis, I don't know, but it saves me a few bucks as I only want two normal eggs (read: two yolks, not four) so I ordered one over-easy.

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