Funniest Travel Advice on India, a Facebook Chat

11:31am Me: Speaking of, are you all going to/gone back to India, et al?

I want to go for a wedding in December also that I think is in Maharashtra. Any advice?

Ravi: not sure - trying to see the job situation. if nothing changes and i'm still at the same job now, we'll probably go end of this year. we're trying to do a religious pilgrimage to tibet either this year or next via nepal but if that doesn't happen it'll just be a casual vacation to south india and nepal.

11:40am Ravi: is the wedding in mumbai or outside? mumbai is a typical big asian city. rural areas you might not enjoy as much.

11:42am Me: She said it was in Pune.

11:48am Ravi: Oh ok, that's sort of a big city. I've never been there so I can't give any suggestions for there but if you have time to travel I'd def go to down Goa, Karnataka, or Kerala - these are by the ocean and super tropical, similar to the Philippines' environment. Lots of beaches and jungles. Southern India is generally safer than northern India.

If you have time to go north, go up to Dharamshala which is in the Himalayas if you want to check out the mountain range. It may be too cold to go up there in Dec though. Big city you can go to Mumbai or Delhi (Delhi's nicer). Take some probiotic pills or eat lots of yogurt there so your stomach is adjusted. Make sure to let the aunties and uncles at the wedding know you're not Indian or they'll try and arrange your marriage to their son. Or if their son is a rich doctor or millionaire tycoon pretend to be Indian. Either/or.