Detroit, the Prequel.


The welcoming people.

Motown to Electronica.

The Heidelberg Project. The Spirit of Detroit.

The Underground Railroad. The Packard Plant.

The peaceful green and graffiti art of Dequindre Cut.  The riverfront.

And, the food. Oh, the booze.

I came to the right place. I came to Detroit.


This is the prequel to a series on Detroit.

For a preview of the series, you can:

  • Press play to this morning's convo with Brian and Molly of The Morning Amp on 89.5 FM. Listen to them Monday through Friday, 8  to 10 AM. They are great folk who have great fun (I've been a long time listener even after I stopped consulting for WBEZ - full disclosure) and you'll probably learn something/have an AM cubicle dance party/have a fit of ugly laughter. Do this.
  • Peep my fun-tastic Google Map of Detroit.
  • Hover your mouse over each thumbnail below to view each picture's caption. Click on a thumbnail to enjoy a full-screen view.