I Want Pauline Frommer to Read My Work! A Trip Around The World Doesn't Sound Bad Either! Vote by June 5!

GOAL: Get my writing in front of Pauline Frommer to read (and hopefully love). Win a trip around the world, too. STRATEGY: Enter "I am Intrepid" Contest (done). Be voted into the top 10 by the public and my family and friends before June 5.

As you know, I am a new travel writer following my dream while trying to figure out how make a living. I need to meet folks in the industry, get them interested in me and have them read and recommend my work... And hopefully hire me for a few assignments, too!

This is Pauline Frommer, established and esteemed travel writer and expert. Her book series, subtitled "spend less do more," is exactly what every frugalista who has a thirst for travel needs: practical, off-the-beaten track, budget-friendly travel ideas for cities and countries around the world. I have two of her books (Paris and San Francisco) and have consulted her many others for helpful and practical ideas. I love, love, love ALL of Pauline's books! And, incidentally yes, she is from the same Frommer family that brings the world the Frommer travel guide series.

I respect her work so much and just the thought of Pauline reading my name and reading my work makes me ecstatic!

The only way I can get my writing in front of Pauline and the three other awesome judges is with your votes and love. Only the top 10 vote-getting entries are reviewed by the judges. Here's how you can help me out:

  1. Please vote for my entry to get my writing in front of Pauline Frommer and the other amazing judges.
  2. Share the link to my entry with your family and friends! You can only vote for an entry ONCE. This is not American Idol. I can't even vote for myself! So please spread the love around! We only have until June 5!

The current top vote-getter has 763 votes!  We have until June 5! I know we can do this! Thanks in advance for your help!

... And you might have noticed there is a trip for four anywhere that Intrepid hosts tours. That's some nice incentive, too :)