Oh, the places you'll go!

One of my best friends, Elizabeth, is travelling to Europe in a few weeks and she asked me what to pack. She's accompanying her husband, who will go for business purposes. They’re making the trip into an early anniversary gift to each other. She'll have time during the days to explore. They've built in extra days in their trip to have fun together. They’ll be in the French countryside and taking the high-speed train up to London for a bit. She said she didn’t want to look too touristy and yet have what she needed to make the trip a hassle-free, memorable success. Elizabeth and I were on the phone for some time as we discussed her travel preparations. Our discussion went far beyond fashion, over to travel essentials and other practicalities. I had more ideas that I sent via text, after we’d hung up. Then she wrote, “You are a fount of knowledge. You should have a travel blog.”

Ta-da! And, here we are. My travel blog will focus on tips on travel, my own travel stories/nightmares, with an emphasis on women adventurers traveling solo.

The first series on what to pack is dedicated to my darling Liz. Thanks for a great idea.